"This is a complete roster file of the 1979 season. The steel curtain, doomsday defense, the orange crush, air coryell, luv
ya blue, and those cardiac kids are all here!

This roster includes completed depth charts (although i couldn't find info on punt and kick returners for all the teams),
equipment from back in the day, correct heights, weights, schools, PBP names, ect.

As for the teams that didn't exist Jaguars, Panthers, Ravens, and Texans, i thought it best just to reduce their ratings and
give them fake names...didn't want to see Jamaal Lewis or Fred Taylor in the league leaders in 1979. Basically those
teams are gimme wins if there on your schedule.

This is the file i've wanted to do forever now, so a big thanks to Finn for making it possible. Took me at least a couple of
months to complete this, but it was really worth it...takes me back to my youth"