NOTES on Version 3:

* I skipped version 2 and am releasing V3. There were a lot of changes made to this
version, including some cosmetic things- you should see no nose strips, shoes should be
the same on each team, etc- as well as some needed ratings changes. It is a bit harder to
run (using my settings) and there is a greater separation between the elite teams and
those that struggled.

* This is based on the players from the 1983 season. This file is meant for single game
play only, not franchise mode.

* Equipment, gear, and body type have been changed for every player to closely reflect
their appearance in 1983.

* All 28 teams have been created with the correct 1983 schedule. The four teams not in
existence in 1983 have very generic players.
* Settings have been included that reflect the lack of instant replay, decreased INTs,
increased fumbles, and a slight edge towards the user (that's more for me than anything

* This set of rosters is meant to be able to play any team against another with accuracy,
but is not designed to set up for franchise. There were additional tweaks for that set to
further reflect the correct standings.

* When choosing uniforms, if the correct year is not listed, I've found the previously listed
year is usually the accurate uniform to use. There are 1 or 2 exceptions (like the 'Skins).

* The FAs were also created and reflect players that might have been available, including
some that would have played in the USFL that year.

* Depth charts are accurate, except for a few RBs. In some cases, a FB that carried the
ball a lot may be a RB and occasionally a HB is a FB because of the gameplan chosen
for the team.

* All teams run their correct defenses from that year.

* Special teams players are accurate.

* No large attributes used. I stick to classic ratings, with needed adjustments to
categories like coverage and interceptions. Simmed results have produced QBs with
pretty accurate completion percentages and INTs.

* This is just the first release (Version 1). I expect to update as needed. Feel free to
throw suggestions out to me at the Operation Sports message board or