The 1983 Divisions
NOTES on Version 2:

*This second version reflects many changes to the old roster. Some of them are cosmetic, but many are to the
ratings. After many simmed seasons, stats and standings are much closer to what they should be on a consistent basis. Things like
nose strips and team shoes have been repaired as well. A couple guys without numbers and many guys without PBP names were fixed.

* It is a little tougher to run in this version, but since averages were way too high to begin with, it should bring a bit more realism.

* This is based on the players from the 1983 season. Although it is in a franchise file, it is meant to play out the 1983 season only. It has
not been checked past that point and is likely unstable for a second season of play.

* Equipment, gear, and body type have been changed for every player to closely reflect their appearance in 1983.

* All 28 teams have been created with the correct 1983 schedule. The four teams not in existence in 1983 have very generic players
that play only against themselves. If such a team advances to playoffs, they should easily lose in any sim.* Settings have been included that
reflect the lack of instant replay, decreased INTs, increased fumbles, and a slight edge towards the
user (that's more for me than anything else)

* This set of rosters is meant to be able to play any team against another with accuracy, but is not designed to set up for franchise.
There were additional tweaks for that set to further reflect the correct standings.

* When choosing uniforms, if the correct year is not listed, I've found the previously listed year is usually the accurate uniform to use.
There are 1 or 2 exceptions (like the 'Skins).

* The FAs were also created and reflect players that might have been available, including some that would have played in the USFL that

* Depth charts are accurate, except for a few RBs. In some cases, a FB that carried the ball a lot may be a RB and occasionally a HB is
a FB because of the gameplan chosen for the team.

* All teams run their correct defenses from that year.

* Special teams players are accurate.

* No large attributes used. I stick to classic ratings, with needed adjustments to categories like coverage and interceptions. Simmed
results have produced QBs with pretty accurate completion percentages and INTs.
Dophin26 Presents
Play out the 1983 season with dophin26's first full season roster!

Edited for the third time, this newest incarnation continues to improve on both game play
and presentation with the following changes:

* Quarterbacks were all re-rated according to the 1984 ranking system and provides
greater accuracy.

* Every player's play-by-play name was updated, if possible. More than 200 names were
updated or changed in version 2.5.