The 15-1 Chicago Bears decimated the Cinderella
story New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX, 46-10.
Following in the tradition of 1983 and 1984's rosters, I am releasing the 1985 roster and franchise. Those who enjoyed the 84
campaign should also enjoy this one as well, as I have maintained the tables and attributes from the previous roster. Below is a list of
the additions and subtractions made when working on this file. It was a 4 month process from start to finish, including more than one
restart from scratch.
I think the final product reflects the 1985 as it was. The Patriots will be strong, but not dominating, as they struggled to even make the
playoffs that year. The Bears should roll through their weak division and most playoff teams as well. In testing the franchise, nearly all
the "real" playoff teams make it to the post-season in simulation, although there are the occasional surprises.
Strap on your hats, put on your pads, and lets kick some ass.

1. Accurate player appearances-
everything from face masks to
shoes was checked using both the
internet and no fewer than three
magazines that previewed the NFL.

2. Attrbutes- They are determined
by the same formulas that were
used in the 84 file, giving accurate
sacks and interception results.

3. All 1800+ players were had their
attributes checked and redone to
reflect their performances in 1985.

4. All coaches' ratings were
completed, as well as play calling
tendencies, body type and
5. In the roster version, each team wears the proper
uniform (not available in franchise mode).

6. Playbooks were altered to allow for the correct
substitutions. The Browns will utilize a two-back attack, the
Colts and Lions are fullback-centered teams, Dallas and
the Rams will ride their star backs all game, etc.
7. In franchise mode, the correct 1985 schedule has
been created. The four non-existent teams will only play
three games.

8. Should a non-existent team make the playoffs, it will
easily lose in sim/playing mode as all their attributes
have been lowered.
9. Contracts were reworked in some cases to reduce the surplus cap of teams. While it is
possible to sign FAs, you will have to be frugal about it. There is a bit more money this time
around than 1984. The 4 expansion teams will have no money to steal your FAs and improve
their teams.

10.The free agents are all former players, some from earlier years and others that just were
out of the league in 1984. There are a bunch of USFL players that could have jumped /
eventually did jump ship from that league back to the NFL that are also included with the FAs.

11. If you watch the later weeks of Gameday, Mel Kiper will talk about the real 1986
prospects as they have been added. One note on them- they have not been accurately rated
as this file is only meant to play 1985. They are there for the presentation. I have simmed into
the following season. There was some slowdown in the following year, but I was able to play
the following season. I would not recommend it.

12. I play-tested every team a number of times both for and against for accuracy. I have highly
examined the rosters- to the point of having restarted twice. If you look at the team ratings,
you'll likely not see the right representation of that team. The game can be funny that way.
The litmus test is playing the roster/season.
Both roster and franchise updated Oct. 10 to Version 1.1 (PBP fixes)