1. Accurate player appearances- All rookies, players changing teams and prominent players
were checked for accurate equipment.

2. Charted Attributes- They are determined by the same formulas that were used in the
84-86 files, giving accurate sacks and interception results.

3. All 1800+ players had their attributes checked and recalculated to reflect their
performances in 1985. Even the 4th stringers! There isn't a player that is exactly the same as last year.
4. All coaches' ratings were named in
franchise with lookalike bodies and
their play-calling percentages were

5. In the roster version, each team
wears the proper uniform (not available in franchise mode).
6. Playbooks were altered to allow for the correct substitutions. The
Browns will utilize a two-back attack, the Colts, and Falcons are single
back teams, the Lions are now a hybrid (HB/FB split carries) team,
Dallas and the Rams will ride their star backs all game, 49ers run the
west coast offense, etc.. This is the same system used last season and
balances computer-run teams when you play them. You'll noticed much
more substitution on some teams. No more games with just one back
having every carry, unless it was meant to be that way.

7. In franchise mode, the correct 1988 schedule has been created. The
four non-existent teams will only play four games. This keeps them out
of the statistic leader boards and generally out of the Pro Bowl game.
You may get the occasional guy, but few and far between. There are
only 15 games in this schedule, because of the players strike this
9. In the 1987 SEASON FILE, contracts were reworked in
some cases to reduce the surplus cap of teams. While it is
possible to sign FAs, you will have to be frugal about it. The
4 expansion teams will have no money to steal your FAs
and improve their teams.

10.The free agents are all former players, some from earlier
years and others that just were out of the league in 1987.

11. If you watch the later weeks of Gameday, Mel Kiper will
talk about the real 1988 prospects as they have been
added. One note on them- they have not been accurately
rated as this file is only meant to play 1987. They are there
for the presentation. I have simmed into the following
season. It will freeze. It is only meant to play one season.
UPDATED: 4-23-11
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