This was created and originally posted by Suirad, so the credit goes to him. My reason for posting this file is because Suirad did a good job, I
believe I helped make it better, and I'm hoping one of the roster guru's on here can take this file over and make it into something great.

I used his original file as a base, and edited players equipment, ratings, and changed some appearances to make them look more accurate
in my opinion. This was done for all starters, and mostly all players at the skill positions, and defensive backs.

I did not use Finn's editor b/c I don't know how, but Suirad originally did.

Most players and teams have high ratings. (example: washington, and buffalo are rated 100 across the board. New England, Indianapolis,
and Tampa Bay are the lowest rated teams, which they should be.)

I re-created Mark Rypien because he had dreads in the original file. He is listed as a rookie, so someone w/finn's editor would need to
change that. The original Rypien is in the free agent pool.

That's it for now, if there's anything else I'll post it whenever it comes to mind. Check it out...

I didn't use any sources. I used my best judgement for appearances. I edited equipment based on the way that players wore it during that
era. I used alot of half cage face masks for OL and DL, Bulging and extended neck pads, taped ankles, taped fingers, etc. If you're looking
for spot on accuracy, you're not going to find it here.