Additional edits by dophin26
BSemps created this file from dophin26's 1986 file and released it in January of 2010. After some time, dophin26 re-edited
things like PBP names, overwritten original names and several other factors. The end product is a collaboration that is
rated by BSemps, re-edited by dophin26 (except for attributes) and visually edited by both.

The roster is just that- made for exhibition play only.

The franchise is meant for single season play. It is all human-owned teams and this is on purpose as there are no 1994
FAs available (and computer-owned teams would be signing 1986 FAs). The 1994 schedule is present and the divisions
have been re-aligned to reflect something closer to what was used that year. The non-existant teams play no games, but
will beat out teams with losing records for the playoffs.

The ratings are pretty true to the game and no higher aggression ratings are used.