I used Bad_Al's program to create the file, but upon inspection there were players missing, numbers off and so many PBP names off that it
wasn't even funny.

Here is what I did to improve the file:

- Checked all the missing PBP names and corrected hundreds. Surprising how many guys were in the league at that time.

- Checked all the guys' pictures that are on the "unknowns" page and added most of them.

- Corrected all the jersey numbers that were set to zero.

- Dropped all the "Joe Nobody" players to FA.

- Checked the defenses' formations, playbooks, etc.

- Corrected the coaches and their records.

- Created about two dozen players that were needed (mostly starters).

- Corrected a few left handed QBs and tweaked just a couple ratings.


Mess with the ratings. I have only played one game, so I cannot comment on Bad_Al's ratings system.

The file will be up on the roster site tomorrow when I am done with a couple small things, including a web page for it. I'll give a heads up when
it is there.