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NOTES on V5:

Latest substantial moves (but not according to injury):

Tim Rattay signed by Cardinals
Mack Strong retired from Seahawks
Zack Crockett signed by Bucs
Vinny Testaverde signed by the Panthers

Also, tweaked DB's further by upping aggression globally to an even "80" and increased all
DB coverage by 4 points (highest - 46; lowest - 29)

Includes latest significant moves including Ogden rejoining the Ravens and Travis Henry
goin' to lock down! Broncos FB Bell moved over to RB in anticipation of Denver putting an
experienced guy there. McCardell back in the saddle as well ('Skins), but watch where he
ends up in the depth charts as this is probably yet TBD. Also reworked speed ratings for
WR's, TE's and RB's scaled to puja's fine work!! (no defensive re-tooling was done).

Several other players created as they are at least 2nd stringers:
Chris Reis (S) – Saints
Blue Adams (CB) - Bengals
Jeremy Parquet (T) – Rams
Donte Nicholson (S) – Bucs
Dave Tollefson (DE) – Giants
Patrick Estes (T) – 49ers

I'll be playing a season on game speed of FAST to see how everything shakes out....enjoy!

Version 4 is the same exact roster personnel, except it incorporates vswitzer's idea of even
aggression ratings / position.

Version 4 franchise with 07 schedule attached (successfully simmed through the playoffs
with all teams User controlled)
Download RealPlay V4
Download RealPlay
V4 Franchise