GR18 has updated his roster recently, so I have updated it here on the page. Below you will find his
latest update, current to this posting on 10-4-2008. This roster has grown, in a very short time, to be
one of the most downloaded and played 2008-9 rosters for 2k5. It even received Puja's stamp of
approval, and he is generally considered to authority on 2k5 football rosters.

The changes made:

1. Additional rookies;almost all through 4 rounds and many others
2. Many play by play last names added
3. Salary cap raised 10 million
4. Most importantly-ratings for every player examined w/no player under 60+ and select few at 90+.
Strength and speed ratings were given a priority.
5. Aggression ratings are intact.
6. Favre and Pennington on proper teams but Leftwich and Spikes are still free agents.

These ratings should provide good simming while keeping game play at a premium.
Since this has become a bigger topic for debate recently,I decided to put this
'new' old franchise file up.Meaning THIS IS NOT A NEW UPDATE.It's my last
franchise file w/ lower aggression for those that don't like the higher
aggression.This seems to be a split topic but I would like to know what others
think .Please try it and compare.There still very well may be a split.At least
each individual will see what's best for them.