Updated: Jan 2 info:
Here is our final 08 roster rating adjustments. I will periodically release roster updates about once a month or so. This file has a lot of minor
tweaking in the rating as well as playbooks and %'s of play formations for the CPU.  Try our settings with the -25% formula to have these play
correctly. Enjoy.

The way we play is before starting a franchise we get our teams, go into finns editor and subtract 25% from pass coverage and run coverage for
each player on just your team, then start a season. This allows the CPU's Passing and Running to stay strong as well as making it as difficult as
possible for your team. This is the KEY to making these rosters play real. Especially the QB play.
The others sliders are 7 min quarters EQ- ON
H Blk 13
H Pass 0
H running 13
H catch full
H Cov 0
H Pursuit 0
H Tackle 13
H Kick 10
Cpu blk,pass,run,cov,catch,kick all full
cpu pursuit 11
cpu tkl 19
injury 14 (just right)
fumble 23
int 0
If you use all these setting listed above this game will play great.

This is our 2008-2009 Roster file and settings. I also included a franchise file (with the new schedule of course) for those of you that can't wait to
play an 08 season or franchise. Also I just wanted to say that for our rosters to play as we intended them to play you need to use our settings. For
better players you can turn the pass and run block down, or if your not as skilled turn them up a couple clicks, but all other sliders should be let
were they are. This update includes the following:

1. We used for game day photos. In doing so we achieved about 96-100% matches for player skin color as well as all player
equipment. This makes our roster look beyond real. This took about 2 hours each team.

2. Thanks to 500bloc and puja, we used combine numbers such as 40 times, bench and vertical jump to update players as far back as 2000. We
still kept our ratings in all other areas just used combine numbers for those three areas.

3. 2008 NFL Draft, rounds 1,2 and most of three as well as some big name rookies and other rookies that were needed to build up some rosters
were also added. Rookie ratings are obviously not done to a tee, but are fairly close. Combine numbers were used, but fine tuning will happen at
a later update, once player movement comes to a close we will add more rookies as needed.

Large attributes are used in this file. That is one of the things that sets this file apart from others. If you are a fan of defense and are willing to use
the large attributes, give this file a try.
UPDATED: Jan. 2, 2009