Everything described for the roster in the post above applies to this file as well. Additionally:

--All the rookies in my 07-08 roster files have been added to the offseason draft class with their current ratings applied.

--All remaining draft selections from the actual 2007 draft are also in the draft class (ie those players who were drafted but didn't make any
team, those who are on practice squads, & those who went on IR prior to the season). This includes players like Florida State's Buster
Davis, the Bengals' Kenny Irons, the Patriots' Oscar Lua, as well as numerous low round selections who never got past training camp.

--Approx 40 additional 2007 prospects who were never drafted or signed at all are also in the draft class to fill it out more

--The remaining 16 "game-generated" draft prospects in the class are either TE, K, or P & all have every attribute set to zero. These 16
players are left so that they can be overwritten into any other new players as desired.

--06-07 Schedule is loaded

--Several hundred players have real-life contracts in terms of years, contract value, guarantee/bonus (or some combination of these
factors if player's-wants & cap room made matching each impossible)

--Every single player with a one-year contract is a player who is no longer with that team in 07-08 or who signed a new contract during the

--36 Players are on injured reserve to start the season (see attached spreadsheet)

--QBs who began the 2006 season as starters are currently #1 on the depth chart (eg Drew Bledsoe, Kurt Warner, Kerry Collins, Mark
Brunell, etc)