--All my current ratings have been applied by hand (based on 06-07 results so more accurate
IMO than last year's files)

--Some 2006-specific ratings changes were made (e.g. Daunte Culpper's SPD dropped to reflect his slow
recovery from knee surgery)

--All DTs in the file (including FAs) have STM set according to my OVR-STM relationship chart

--The few remaining fake photos have been removed & all cyberfaces restored (possible thanks to Finn's
new info export tool).

--All PBP set to "last name only" whenever possible, or otherwise jersey number.

--PR/KR depth charts are set to the actual 06-07 team leaders in attempts for each

--67 players from the default roster had incorrect "years pro," & advancing the in-game year to 06-07 of course
did not remedy these errors. These players have all been set to correct years experience courtesy

--No free agent is rated higher than 75 OVR

Playbooks & Shell Defenses:

49ers= Chargers PB, 3-4 def
Browns= Patriots PB, 3-4 def
Texans= Broncos PB, 4-3 def

The following CAP players have fullname PBP:

--Chris Kuper, Broncos
--Marcus Spears, Cowboys
--Jimmy Williams, Falcons
--Anthony Bryant, Lions
--Mike Williams, Lions
--Reynaldo Hill, Titans
--Roydell Williams, Titans
--David Ball, draft class (these players from here down are only in the franchise file of course)
--Courtney Brown, draft class
--Tony Brown, draft class
--Chris Davis, draft class
--Anthony Gonzalez, draft class
--Korey Hall, draft class
--Ed Johnson, draft class
--Adrian Peterson, draft class
--Steve Smith, draft class
--Jonathan Wade, draft class
Other PBP near matches, or spelling differences:
Player name, Team, PBP entry
--Airese Currie, Bears, Curry
--Keith Ellison, Bills, Allison
--Jim Leonhard, Bills, Leonard
--Simon Fraser, Browns, Frazier
--Brodney Pool, Browns, Poole
--Patrick Cobbs, Dolphins/FA, Cobb
--Gerris Wilkinson, Giants, Wilkerson
--Wes Welker, Patriots, Walker
--Will Buchanon, Raiders, Buchanan
--Andrew Walter, Raiders, Walters
--Demeco Ryans, Texans, Ryan
--Kevin Walter, Texans, Walters
--Sam Koch, Ravens, Cook
--Kevin Kolb, draft class, Cobb
--James Marten, draft class, Martin
--Stephen Nicholson, draft class, Nichols
--Chris Reis, draft class, Reese
--Cameron Stephenson, draft class, Stevenson

The following teams all wear black shoes & every other team is set to #3 shoes:
--Panthers - Steve Smith #3 shoes
courtesy slapnutz2k2 (i think-... correct me if someone else sent me this info)