From the author:

Now here is what I have done. I took Ricksters last rosters and sliders and tweaked them a bit. The rosters were great I only made a
few personal changes and the overall team ratings are pretty accurate (except maybe the Raiders, hey Its my team sorry). Also with
the sliders they have minor tweaks. Besides my usuall edits I tried the 0 Aggression rating for everyone and I liked it EXCEPT for the
Oline, I kept them the same.

Ok here is what I think these rosters do. They play a very realistic game IMO, the Oline play is the best I have seen it for me. The DB
play is also very good, maybe 1or 2 plays a game with bad animations. The running game is balanced Larry Johnson ran had 28 carr
140 yrads on me (I was the Giants). You will have break-aways the fatigue sliders is what determines this. The cpu is just 1 notch
below human and that is all it takes to have open field speed. Overeall this is the best gameplay I have had. OK now for the QBs this is
just maddning. I have had games where the cpu qb play is amazing and have had games when I was thinking WTF? We could only
tweak so much the QB play is hard coded, I went into practice mode and double triple teamed the primary rec., and the QB would still
throw it to him 8 out of ten times. It also depends on the route. But if I were to put into numbers I would say that 65% of the time the QBs
play "real" and the rest of the time your in the WTF mode. Oh for sub in sub out I would recomend 65% sub out and 90% in.