1992 was a great year of football so many players like WHITE, IRVIN, SHARPE,

There has been a lot of time and effort put into this roster. Check out the heights,
weights, years pro, ratings, etc. and judge for yourself. Now its time to reap the
benefits of that labor.
Can you repeat history by starting the 90's Cowboy dynasty or will you change history by controlling the
buffalo bills willing them to a title?

Will you make sure Emmitt Smith leads the league in rushing just as he did back in 1992 or will Barry
"bananas" Foster take home the hardware? Don't forget about the 49ers with the Young to Rice combo
starting to gel and you know Rice is always better when its cooked- you need water to do that, as in
Ricky Watters! Warren Moon and the Oilers run-and-shoot offense complete with 1200 yard back
Lorenzo White might have something to say about your title hopes as well. It's up to you now.