competition with others, but now you may go up against the game itself in Tannhauser Solo. While it still requires the out-of-print base
game and occasionally some expansions, Solo adds event cards to the game and a card-based A.I. system that is set up to defend
objectives, work together, and hunt the opposition. Currently there are sets available for both the Union and the Reich, including the
add-on characters like the dreaded Frankenstahl.

So freely print or purchase your cards and rules and dive back into the world of Tannhauser!
Download the rules of solo and campaign play here.
Print the cards from Printer Studio. Cards are playing card size, durable, and
easy to read.
Reich Cards (zip file)
Union Cards (zip file)
Print the Events Cards here.
CLICK HERE to download the Luxor Map.
Click on the Luxor Map to purchase from Zazzle.
    The year is 1951 and the Kaiser is on the move. The Great War never came to an end
and the world of the occult has eased its way into
every facet of the military. Great destructive inventions abound and evil has a firm grip on a
large portion of the world.
   Until recently, the only way to experience the world of Tannhauser was in head-to-head
THE CARDS: The heart of the solo game, the cards are used to determine what each enemy will do on any given turn. As it currently stands, the solo
campaign is designed to use only the Reich cards. As it expands, the Union may be used as well, r if you just want to play a scenario against the Union,
they are available. They are available to download and print or they may be purchased as a set from PrinterStudio. The event cards, used in Castle Ksiaz,
are also available to download or may be purchased as well.
  A huge breakthrough for the solo rules is a new app! Designed by Phil Suess and updated
frequently, the app replaces the need to download or print cards. A user may pick the opposition,
the pack each enemy uses, and even the method the cards are drawn in the app.


Try it for yourself here!