Aaron's 2007-2008 is a nice alternative to Puja's roster. Using NFL2K’s 127/64 Aggression
Formula, many people find Aaron's rosters very enjoyable to play. To read more on Aaron's
rosters and how he creates them, visit his site

Here’s what’s been done:

1. Free agent moves have been made as of November 7th, 2007

2. Most jersey numbers have been updated for 2007 free agents

3. Depth charts have been updated as thoroughly as possible

4. The roster has been simmed through a full season, post-season and pre-season, and
individual games have been played to completion.  I have not run into any freezing issues.

What’s not been done:

1. Some jersey numbers may not be correct.  I've adjusted the trades and free agency
moves, but I haven't had time to comb entire rosters to make sure the jersey numbers are
completely accurate.

2. Not a franchise roster, so if taken into franchise, you'll play the 2005 schedule or have
to load the 2007-8 schedule via Finn's editor.

3. There are still some players who are not available.  These are generally guys buried in
the depth charts.  Some of them are available in free agency.  It depends on how important
to the team they are if someone gets hurt or how they've done so far statistically.  Anyone
who has played a few games (even as a backup) and done well should be either on their
respective team or available in free agency.