* I have renamed the coaches as well to the real counterparts for these teams, and also tried to pick a "likeness" for each coach. Not easy
when you have Lombardi, Landry, Brown, Halas!!

* I changed run/pass ration as well to what the teams did in real life, and tried to select playbooks I thought would help their style of play. It's
not perfect, but what the heck.

* The expansion teams (Panthers, Ravens, Texans, Jaguars) have generic players (unnamed) and all attributes set to 50. If you use the
default schedule you will see them lose by 75-0 most of the time. You can create your own schedule using the NFL History program, but I did
not do that here.

Teams included:


East: 1977 Cowboys, 1956 Giants, 1972 Redskins, 1960 Eagles

North: 1962 Packers, 1969 Vikings, 1970 Lions, 1965 Bears

South: 1979 Bucs, 1979 Saints, 1980 Falcons, Panthers (generic players)

West: 1979 Seahawks, 1975 Cards, 1970 49ers, 1967 Rams


East: 1978 Patriots, 1973 Bills, 1968 Jets, 1972 Dolphins

North: 1965 Browns, 1978 Steelers, 1975 Bengals, Ravens (generic players)

South: 1958 Colts, 1979 Oilers, Jaguars and Texans (generic players)

West: 1963 Chargers, 1977 Broncos, 1976 Raider, 1969 Chiefs