Okay here's the deal guys, as far as injuries goes, I don't think i will change the rosters based on injuries/IR. I think
that should just be a judgment call on your behalf. Simple trades like Maroney to the Broncos can be done by you
guys as well. I hope I'm not coming off as being mean, i just believe that if i keep updating as is, I will be updating the
roster pretty much every week, and I don't have that kind time. I'm taking Dophin advice. I left you guys the
necessary tools to create whomever you need. My next update will be towards the end of the season.

Since I already did the small update like the trade of Maroney, adding Vasher to Free Agency to be added to the
Lions, so i will upload the file for the xbox/360. But its not necessary to download if you already have the files
because the changes are small.

Sept. 13, 2010:I like to thank Connoll3 for his conversion of the PS2 files, located on the last page. There are just a
few changes i made since then for anyone that will download them. I added the wrong Williams WR to the Redskins, It
should be Roydell#87 6'0 180 3yr from Tulane, instead of Reggie Williams and Vonnie Holliday(redskins) number from
79 to 91. That should be it.

Sept. 11, 2010: Just finished up my final rosters for the season. I will be sending the files to Dolphin for the IE users. I
will also sen a couple pm in hopes of getting these converted for ps2 and ps3 fans.

Guys I will not be adjusting anything for a while, I'm taking a little break.

Sept. 5, 2010: I want to thank Whittleboy615 converting and supplying the PS3 files. The files on the last pages.

August, 17, 2010: I want to thank Connoll3 for doing the latest ps2 conversions for me. I got a few complaints that the
files wasn't working, honestly with so little feedback, i'm sure if it was on my end or not. So I asked someone that I
know does them correctly. So the files should be good to go. The PS2 files are located on page 24.

****You can only download my file here using the browsers Firefox or Chrome. If you are using IE8 you can download
the files from Dophin26 roster site.

For a more of a challenge I recommend using Bill's Sliders plus House rules for Franchise:Bill's Sliders Plus
Franchise House Rules

Here are the settings:
First value is Human setting, second value is CPU setting:
Blocking: 16,40
Passing: 0,40
Running: 16,40
Catching: 40,40
Pursuit: 4,10
Tackling: 0,8
Kicking: 0,40
Fatigue: 4,4
Injury: 20
Fumbles: 28
Interceptions: 0
The only tweaks I may have is the running, fatigue and catching. Since my 360 has crapped out and on the way to get
fixed, i have no way of checking the sliders out. But based on what i read they give you a challenge and more
realistic game.

Just based on the games I have played with some of the sliders zero out, I would recommend:
Running 0/30
Catching 0/30(although i still think that may be a little high)
Fatigue 8/8

The things with me is, I want to find a middle ground between a challenge and realistic. You some of you play nothing
but exhibition but most of my time is spent in Franchise mode. So while having a challenge is awesome, I don't want
to have a season where Leon Washington is leading the league in rushing, sorry Seattle fans. I just had a game on
the semi-zero sliders in my franchise where I faced the bengals and I had trouble stopping Benson, I was playing
with the ravens by the way, but I'm suppose to have some trouble stopping him. I just feel upping that slider from 0
to 40 may be a little much. I say take the sliders and play. If you feel they need some tweaking adjust them to your
liking where there is a realistic challenge. If you are constantly blowing teams out, you def. need to adjust your
sliders. I never have fun just destroying teams, okay maybe a rival in the franchise.

August 5,2010: Okay just did my last update for at least few weeks. In the roster files I did just a few things, switch M.
Jenkins to FS, added Coles to the jets, switch Lowery number to #26, added Lendale to the Broncos..etc..etc.. In the
Franchise files all i did was the number change with Lowery and Jenkins position switch. If you are like me the other
moves you can do within the franchise. I control all the teams in the franchise b/c the trade logic in the game is
horrible and drafting is just as bad. So its a better game to me to keep the Saints from trading Brees to the bills for
Ed Wang and prevent the Rams from drafting J. Locker. Well anyway hope you guys enjoy. I'm officially on a break.

August 4, 2010: I finally have crack the problem of freezing in the franchise when you create draftees. There is pretty
much a cap on how many draftees names you can change. I think number is like 38. Well anyway I'm uploading them
now and since the files aren't freezing any more I'm replacing them with the current franchises. By the way, as I
mention before I only made a few players. No O-linemen, FSs, TEs or FB. And only a handful of the other positions. I'm
officially taking a little break, a week or two, from tweaking the rosters. Well have fun guys.

July27,2010: Welcome to Cincy Mr. Owens.---New update. Thanks to bestservedcold..I'm at the moment adding a few
players to draft in the franchise mode. The players are some of the individuals that may enter the 2k11 NFL Draft. But
a quick head ups, I'm not adding any olinemen or TEs, at least not at this time. I'm also leaving the cyberfaces instead
of replacing them with NO Photo. So the guys pics will not look like themselves. Also as a quick note, when editing
the draft class there is NOT an option to select last name only, so I will let to you guys decide whether to just hear
the number or not. As of now if the name is available(whether its attached to a first name or not) I selected it.

I will be replacing my Franchise file with these once I'm done. Which will be sometime today.

July 25, 2010: Just added new and updated files for the PS2 and Xbox/360. The files are rosters and Franchises.
Which among other things, there's the Bulluck signing to the G-Men. I'm also deleting Ver 1A. Its just too much of a
pain to keep up with. Like I said on the last page, I stayed up pretty late to get these out and still have yet to go to
sleep yet, so there may be small mistakes but with you guys help, we can find those and correct as we go. I really
hope you guys enjoy.

June 14, 2010: I did a slight rating change to some WRs in files. I just to state again. I do have Tebow as a Lefty and
the Franchises have the correct 2010-2011 Schedules.

May 27, 2010: It took me about two weeks of day and night work(seriously) to bring you guys these rosters. I want to
give thanks to "Patoskta/Juduking" I used your roster as a base. I did a lot tweaking and adding players to the
rosters. I put in a lot of work and i hope it shows in the end product. I really hope you guys enjoy. I will be adding a
Franchise file later after a few tests. By the way I used Yahoo depth charts as a guide and I kept the "zero settings"
in mind with rating adjustments. Those are the setting i usually play on. But play on any settings you like.

Thanks guys for all the support!
DEC 23 (week 16) Update
A big thank-you to R. Baptiste for doing the
community updates after convince released
the roster.