roster2K7 FEATURES -

1) All existing players that were in VC's final roster update were advanced two years pro

2) Auto body type was used with my personal setup (0-199 = skinny, 200-269 = normal,
270 - 319 = large and 320 - 450 = extra large)

3) All 32 teams have 54 players

4) Over 550 players have been added to the roster file

5) Any player who doesnt have an in-game photo has been given "no photo"

6) 123 free agents available. All 123 free agents are players that were drafted in 2004,
2005 and 2006. These 123 players were either actual free agents or in some cases,
were put in free agency in order to have roster spots for other positions in order to get
close to or equal the game's "team needs" setup

7) 97 remaining free agents are veterans who were edited to zero so the CPU wouldnt
sign them during franchise mode. The majority of these players will be overwritten into
the 2007 NFL Draft Class when the time comes

8) All re-naming was done in Finn's editor

9) All re-naming was done by overwriting veteran players who werent on any team's
roster at the time

10) All re-naming was done within the same position except for several OT's. These few
OT's were originally DT's but were edited because I had no more OL to re-name

11) No player is linked to another player

12) Player ratings are based on their 2005 season statistics

13) Depth Charts are in order of player ratings

14) Kick and Punt returners are based on the actual 2006 season

15) Every player's height and weight is based on the football book I have - ATS
Consultants' 2006 Ultimate Pro Football Annual

16) I went through all 1,948 players in-game to adjust their face and / or skin tone in
order to be as accurate as possible. Players whose face and skin tone cant be edited
in-game were left as is

17) I went through all 1,948 players in Finn's editor and made sure that "dreads" were

18) I went through the play by play name for all 1,948 players in Finn's editor. If the last
name was available, it will be said during gameplay

19) Three players have full names listed for their play by play - Cowboys DT Marcus
Spears, Lions WR Mike Williams and Falcons CB Jimmy Williams

20) No renaming whatsoever was done in-game

21) No created player slots were used in-game

22) Several teams have been edited from the 3-4 defense to the 4-3 defense or vice
versa. Several teams have also had their default playbook switched to another team. All
info is posted below.

23) Every RB and WR have had their "run style" edited to either "finesse" or "power".
This makes the game somewhat more difficult because the moves that used to work for
"balanced" players dont have the same affect and/or impact as they did before

24) Global Edits have been added and my setup has been posted below

25) Large Attributes have been added to two players who are both listed below

26) I have also created my own edits which I like to call "dan edits". Every player's overall
rating and attribute ends in a 0, 2, 5, 7 or 8. The setup that I use is listed below

27) "Dan edits" also applies to every team's offensive, defensive and overall rating

28) Excluding global edits, no attribute is lower than 20

29) Every player on every team has been "re-assigned" to their team. This eliminates
overpaid and underpaid players by having the CPU randomly setup a contract for them.
Every player is at or about what they should be paid in the game. Salaries are based on
overall rating, position and years pro. Also, every player now has a penalty attached to
their salary

30) Shoe types 1, 2 and 6 were used for the Bears, Buccaneers and Steelers. Shoe
types 1, 2 and 3 were used for the other 29 other teams as well as free agents

31) Out of the 765 players that were drafted in 2004, 2005 and 2006, 761 of them are in
this roster file. The four players that were not added were RB Maurice Clarett (2005,
Broncos, in prison), WR Terrence Murphy (2005, Packers, retired/spinal injury), DT
Christian Ferrara (2004, 49ers, retired/back injury), and FS Justin Beriault (2005,
Cowboys, retired/injury)

32) I have a drafted rookie rating setup for all drafted players. My setup is listed below

33) All undrafted rookies since 2004 have been rated 40 and are then increased based
on season stats. Be advised that not all of these undrafted players have been adjusted
due to the fact that I was going to wait until my 2K8 roster to do so

34) Be advised that the following three free agents have been re-created due to the fact
that they would not appear during the coin toss when listed as the LWR or LCB despite
the fact that they are supposed to. Their career stats remain intact for those who want to
bring the originals back. The three players were - WR Donte Stallworth (Eagles), CB
Rashean Mathis (Jaguars) and CB Mike McKenzie (Saints)

35) Every player's overall rating and consistency attribute have been made the same.
This is something new that im testing out and im looking forward to seeing how this plays
in franchise mode. In other words, if a player's overall rating is 90, his consistency
attribute is also 90. This was done for a few reasons. First, no matter what a player is
rated, his consistency should be the same because well, that's why he has the overall
rating that he has. For example, QB Peyton Manning is rated 98 overall and thus his
consistency should be the same because he's definitely consistent year in and year out.
Second, because the consistency attribute affects the overall rating, the higher a player
is rated, the lower his core attributes will be where as the lower a player is rated, the
higher his core attributes will be. Third, a lot of people wanted to know a player's overall
rating in Finn's editor. This allows you to know every player's overall rating
36) Every kicker and punter's overall rating, consistency and composure attribute have
been made the same. For kicker's and punter's, only kick power, kick accuracy,
consistency and composure affect their overall rating

37) Every QB, K and P have been given their correct "best hand"

38) My "roster2K7" file was tested out in franchise mode using the game's default season
schedule (2004) and im happy to report that no freezing occured at any time during the
season or the playoffs

39) My global edit setup, large attribute setup, drafted rookie rating setup, run style setup
and my own personal "dan edits" setup are all listed below

40) This is for Xbox only

- A huge thanks goes out to FINN for creating the ESPN NFL 2K5 gamesave editor which
has allowed us all to keep playing the hell out of 2K5. I personally want to say THANK
YOU and that everything you've done with your editor is greatly appreciated.