Hey everyone, here is my "franchise2k6" file. It uses my "roster2k6" file.

Features -

- 50 rookies from the 2006 Draft Class are already included and can be seen in the Draft Class option in Finn's editor
as well as in-game in the rookie scouting option that appears after Week 7
- All 50 rookies from the 2006 Draft Class have been globally edited (my setup can be seen in the "roster2k6" topic)
while the generated rookies are as is
- All 50 rookies from the 2006 Draft Class are listed below along with their overall rating and are projected first and
second round draft picks
- All 50 rookies from the 2006 Draft Class were created in the Draft Class option in Finn's editor, version .280
- All 50 rookies from the 2006 Draft Class are accurate in terms of personal information such as height, weight, date
of birth, etc.
- All 50 rookies from the 2006 Draft Class are 50/50 in terms of being accurate to player equipment. I used photos for
the majority of players by searching on Yahoo
- All 50 rookies from the 2006 Draft Class are also 50/50 in terms of skin tone and face type. You wont see a black
player white or vice versa but the faces may be "off" but there's nothing that can really be done about it except
trying to select the closest skin tone and face possible to match the actual player
- No FB, K and P were created (sorry)
- The entire Draft Class has had their photo's removed
- The entire Draft Class has had their body type adjusted (my setup can be seen in the "roster2k6" topic)
- All 32 teams are "user" controlled
- 2005 NFL Schedule has already been loaded in-file (the KC/MIA game from Week 7 has also been changed to a
Friday night matchup)
- All Saints "home" games are still played in the Superdome
- Auto substitutions have been preset (5% in / 5% out)
- Injury status has also been preset (healthy)
- Substitutions for 2 teams have also been preset and are posted below
- All 32 teams are under the salary cap

Notes -

- Some "generated" rookies may actually be better then the "real" rookies so you may want to adjust those players.
- The "edit rookies" option is turned off in-game as a "heads up". It's not advised to edit any rookies in-game. Any
editing that you may want to do should be done in Finn's editor before any games have been played or simulated.
This is strongly recommended as I dont know what will happen if editing is done in-game. I have noticed that when
editing in Finn's editor and then editing in-game seems to screw things up and vice versa. In other words, its better
to do your editing one way or the other, not both.
- I have tested out the franchise file by simulating the 2005 season week by week and going through the off-season
period by period. I also went through the free agent wire, scouting combine and the NFL Draft itself. There were no
freezing or lock-up issues at any time. I was able to start the 2006 season without any problems. Please be advised
that if you simulate the NFL Draft, there is a slight "pause" at times but dont be alarmed as its just the disc spinning
and loading the list of players being drafted.
2006 Draft Class -

Matt Leinart (82)
Vince Young (82)
Jay Cutler (80)

Reggie Bush (82)
DeAngelo Williams (80)
LenDale White (80)
Laurence Maroney (77)

Chad Jackson (82)
Santonio Holmes (80)
Sinorice Moss (80)

Vernon Davis (82)
Leonard Pope (77)
Mercedes Lewis (75)
Dominique Byrd (72)
Anthony Fasano (70)

Nick Mangold (75)

Javin Joseph (75)
Charles Spencer (72)

D'Brickashaw Ferguson (82)
Winston Justice (80)
Eric Winston (80)
Marcus McNeill (77)
Jonathan Scott (77)
Haloti Ngata (82)
Brodrick Bunkley (80)
Gabe Watson (80)
Claude wroten (77)
Jonathan Lewis (75)

Mario Williams (82)
Tamba Hali (80)
Manny Lawson (80)
Mathias Kiwanuka (77)
Kamerion Wimbley (75)

A.J. Hawk (82)
Chad Greenway (80)
Bobby Carpenter (77)
Ernie Sims (75)
DeMeco Ryans (72)
Thomas Howard (70)

D'Qwell Jackson (77)

Jimmy Williams (82)
Antonio Cromartie (80)
Tye Hill (80)
Kelly Jennings (77)
Richard Marshall (77)
Ashton Youboty (75)
Jason Allen (77)

Michael Huff (82)
Ko Simpson (80)
Darnell Bing (77)

Note -

Be advise that once you enter the
2006 regular season, all rookies
will increase or decrease in rating.
Since I didnt want to know, I didnt
check to see what rookies
increased or decreased.

Special Note -

DE Manny Lawson will be switched
to OLB if he's drafted by a 3-4
defensive team (my pick is NE).
Listed below is his attributes for
OLB if you choose to switch his
position -

Pass Rush - 72
Run Coverage - 75
Catch - 20
Stamina - 80
Aggressiveness - 70

All remaining attributes remain as
Team Substitutions (preset) -

Team / Formation / Position / Player (original player) -

49ers / Dime / FS / Tony Parrish (Ben Emanuel)
Eagles / Nickel / OLB / Dhani Jones (Mark Simoneau)

General Options -

Game Options -

Quarter Length - 5 minutes
Play Calling - By Formation
Challenges - On
Coach Mode - Off
Performance EQ - Off
Multiple Hot Routes - Off

Difficulty -

Legend (as is)
Presentation -

Player Indicator Text - Name
Action Replays - Off
Stat Overlays - On
On Screen Text - On
Sports Ticker - Off
Vibration - Off
Audio Presentation - Custom
TV Broadcast Volume - Max
PA Volume - Max
Sound Effects Volume - Max
Crowd Volume - Max
Player Voice Volume - Max
Menu Music Volume - Off

Penalties - All on (as is)
Controller Setup - Default


Franchise Options -

VIP - Off
Weekly Preparation - Off
First Person Football - Off
Pre Season - On
Trade Deadline - On
Owner Firing - Off
Edit Rookies - Off
Auto Draft Players - Off
Auto Sign Draft Picks - Off
Auto Re-Sign Players - Off
Auto Sign and Cut - Off
Auto Update Depth Chart - Off
Sim. Quarter Length - 5 minutes