Welcome to my 1984 roster page. This roster follows my 1983 roster and sees improvements in
many ways, including:

1. Much more accurate player appearances- everything from face masks to
shoes was checked and rechecked using both the internet and magazines that
previewed the NFL.

2. Player faces and skin tones were checked through the net and football cards
to give a much more accurate model.

3. Attributes are now determined more by formulas than they were before. While
some remain subjective, most will be according to formula yielding much more
accurate stats.

4. Every single player's stats were reconfigured based on this season's
performances, which is why if you played the 1983 season, you'll notice
changes in speed, composure, etc.
5. All coaches' ratings were completed, as well as play calling tendencies, body type and

6. In the roster version, each team wears the proper uniform (not available in franchise

7. Playbooks were altered to allow for the correct substitutions. Teams that ran one back
will ride that horse. Teams that ran by committee will do so. Defenses were adjusted as
well to reflect the correct formations (when possible). There are even defensive
substitutions by formation. Players like the Jets' Mark Gastineau will not play all the
running downs as he was used primarily in passing situations or long yardage situations.

8. A new pass rating system gives the computer a better completion percentage during

9. In franchise mode, the correct 1984 schedule has been created.

10. In franchise mode, players that were injured for much of the season are injured in the
game. Billy Sims will miss most of the season, Bill Kenney will miss 6 games, Hugh
Green will miss 4 and William Andrews and Curt Warner will sit the entire year as they did
in 1984.
11.The four teams that didn't exist will play just 4 games, keeping
them out of the stats categories and pro bowl.

12. Contracts were reworked in some cases to reduce the surplus
cap of teams. While it is possible to sign FAs, you will have to be
frugal about it. The 4 expansion teams will have no money to steal
your FAs.

13. Many hours were spent play-testing the season for errors. While
there is no way to make the teams act exactly as they did in 1984,
there are similar results from this season.

14. The free agents are all former players, some from earlier years
and others that just were out of the league in 1984.

15. If you watch the later weeks of Gameday, Mel Kiper will talk
about the real 1985 prospects as they have been added. One note on
them- they have not been accurately rated as this file is only meant
to play 1984. 1985 is coming.
version 1.2