Without further ado, I present to you ... NFL 2k7.

With realistic game and season stats being a primary focus, I was
able to achieve what I consider to be a true experience of the game
we all have come to love. Many of these changes are due to global
adjustments in the area of aggression. There is nothing like seeing
pancake blocks by lineman, quarterbacks stepping up in the pocket
or taking off and running while in hot pursuit.
On the defensive end, corner backs going stride for stride with
receivers which teaches us to lead our receivers away from
defenders or traffic. In the original roster, interceptions were at a
premium, especially with linebackers. Not anymore. All defensive players catch ratings are at zero. That doesn't mean interceptions will not
happen, especially when not being smart with the football.

Another area of concern was in the area of running backs. Too many tackles for losses or lack of catch ability in the flats. I was able
to achieve more of a north/south running style by globally making all runners power backs, making the line of scrimmage the first point of
contact. Of course there are many backs with high agility ratings such as Tomlinson who will possess more wiggle and the ability to get to
the edges by bouncing out.

Every player has been updated in some way or another. The skinny player doesn't exist in this update- only normal to extra large.
There are exactly 250 rookies from the class of 2007 included in this file.
My roster was created to accommodate the setting which is included, and not the setting for the roster, which is somewhat backwards, but
necessary to bring about the stats listed below. So, for a real experience, in-game or simulated, use the settings.   
Below is a list of stats that can be achieved through this update. My setting calls for 5 simulated minutes and 7 in-game minutes. Keep in
mind; these are leaders in their respective positions or categories....

Passing leaders - 4000-4500 yards
Passing percentage - 65-71%
Passer rating - 100-110
Passing touchdowns 30-40
Rushing yards - 1500-1900
Rushing average - 4.4-5.1 yards per carry
Reception total - 110
Yards per catch - 15-19 yards
Interceptions - 10-13
Tackles - 120-140
Sacks - 14-18

These are time-tested stats. All player names and
jersey numbers are accurate. Ninety percent of the
names are mentioned in the game.

130 yards rushing
200-400 yards passing
10 receptions
15-25 carries (starter)
10-15 tackles