UPDATED: 6-15-10
Back for another season, FunNgun's franchise file is among the most played in 2k5. An emphasis on defense means some lower
scoring, challenging games!


The depth charts are accurate and up to date. This is a hybrid version of 127/64 agression. To get the Full effect of this roster i suggest
gameplay on fast.

I have switched some playbooks to reflect the new coaching changes. Run/Pass ratios adjusted.
Rookies also added New Coaches, Pete Carrol, Mike Shanahan
FunNgun V23 - 2010 Franchise File

http://www.nfl2k5rosters.com... also available here

AVAILABLE NOW !!! now over 80 Rookies.. File up to date 6/14/10

Special thanks to GR1014- Who fixed scheduled times, now night games are available !!