How We Created Our Rosters 12-28-07

First off, I have been creating and editing rosters for about 12 years now. Once I found Finn's
editor I knew this would allow me to create my own so called virtual NFL. My first step was to
read through all of the threads that I could, to gather information about the use and theory's of
this editor and game. After that, I took notes on each post that I thought we could use in
creating our own rosters. Once I did all that we began this journey, and 4 months later, and a
few buddy's helping, 2 ex college football players, a QB and a FS, we have finally finished our
2007-2008 Official Rosters. I also want to thank dspark23 without his knowledge about every
detail of the editor this wouldn't or couldn't have been done. I want to thank dan77733 here on
op sports he helped me with some questions as well. I am going to go through each attribute
and explain why we did what we did.

One thing that was a must for us was setting players composure and leadership the same.
Starting at 90 ranging to 120. The elite players are at 120, great at 115, very good 110, and
so on ending with the average player at 90. I learned in these forums that with the performance
eq on the computer uses 80 as a point were att's are brought to in order to somewhat even the
playing field. For ex if a player has 60 composure, with the eq on, the computer gives that att
1/2 of what it takes to get to 80, so that 60 becomes 70 due to 60 being 20 away from 80, so
that att gets a boost of 10. It's kind of complicated but if you research these forums you can
learn quite a bit in a short time.
For us having the Performance EQ on is a must, with this option off the game has that slow
down animation in the secondary. This is when a db is trailing a wr then for some reason slows
down to allow the catch, then some how speeds up and makes the tackle. To be honest this is
why I stopped playing this game years ago, and once I found that the Eq on would solve this I
was excited to say the least.
The Performance Eq on also allows this game play and feel like a real NFL game. Too many
games to me feel like a college game, where players have overall rating's of 47 and 56, that to
me is not what the NFL is all about. To me games each week are won by play calling, mistakes,
turnovers and of course better players, but each game (most of the time) is a decent game. In
the NFL the league is so tight in talent that no player should be so bad that he can't even
begin to compete. There of course is better players than others, as well as great and elite
players, but I just think that each player should have somewhat of a chance day in and day out.
For consistency, we used a scale as well, 95 being the top and 70 the bottom. Consistency
was used as our overall rating in a sense. Since this att effected all player and positions, we
used this as a way to gauge each player. 95 as the elite of the league scaling to 70 being the
My aggressiveness rating is also taken from info gathered on this site. It make's this game
ferocious as it is in the NFL. Durability I started with a minimum of 60 to 99. Durability is an att
that we want to look into further for next years roster, we have some theory's one being
dividing games played by their total games in the league. This is just one thought, not sure
how this is going to play out. In the NFL it's long season with a ton of injuries. The team that
stays healthy and plays well usually goes a long way.
My Stamina levels are set to play with my settings which will also be attached to this this thread.
All att's that do not really effect a position have been lowered to single digits. Speed, agility, I
based from not only other 2007 football games but mostly from our knowledge of not only
playing football, but being addicted to watching and the NFL. For strength I actually used the
strength ratings from this years madden game along with a lot of tweaking from myself and
I'm not here to talk bad about other rosters by any means, I know how much work and time it
takes to create a roster, but some rosters have moran norris a fb on the 49ers at 93 strength
but larry allen at 73 come on, then you're going to say he bench pressed 225 x amount of
times at the combine. Larry Allen bench pressed over 700lbs, and to be honest I don't think
benching equals a players overall strength. Think about squats, seated rows, shoulders and I
can actually go on forever. If you think about it, the combine is great, but for strength i think it
serves almost no purpose, a guide some what, but reps equaling overall strength no chance. I
have learned that strength differs for each position, but I still like having the o-line and d-line
with the highest strength rating and so on down the line.
We have about 7 guys in our season (of course with the 2007 schedule) and using my settings
with these rosters, the game play is the best I have seen. I have tried just about all the settings
and rosters on this site, (puja's as well).
I also have gone through and changed each teams' shoes to match as they do in real life using
either white (1) or black which is (4), as well as looked up photos from this year to give each
player a revolution helmet or standard helmet and their actual face mask, as well as skin tones.
This really makes the game look and feel more realistic. Each team is about 80 to 90%
accurate on the masks and helmets, height and weight are 100% accurate.
I also went through each team and set their actual height and weight according to
Player size models go as follows: under 205lbs and over 6'' skinny frame, normal frame up to
270lbs, those above 270lbs are large, and anything over 315lbs get the the beefy extra large.
There were also alot exceptions through out this process.


First off the Quarterback. For this position we used the large att's on some categories. Our QB
speed and agility starts around 40 going to around 80 on a few players but mainly is around
the mid 40's. This allow you to roll out if needed, but still get chased down by the d-line. Pass
read coverage starts at 90 going up to the elite at 127, this allows the Qb's to shred the wrong
coverage and schemes. Pass arm strength and accuracy we scaled starting at 60 to 105. Hold
on to ball for all Qb's is at 1, which makes somewhat frequent fumbles on sacks about 1 to
each 10 to 15 sacks. Another key in making my Qb's look and player more realistic was giving
the hb's a minimum of 60 catch and run route, fb's got a min of 55 in each. I can not believe
how much this made a difference. The qb dumps the ball of a lot, just like how they check down
to backs in the league.
For our other positions such as running back, the run route and catch is huge. Speed, agility,
jumping, strength are obvious, run and pass blocking are at 49 and 45. My break tackle also
goes hand in hand with my settings.
Tight Ends and Wide Receiver's unique att's are the run route. Allowing the wide out to range
from 80 to 120 really allow the standouts to I guess stand out in their route running ability. This
was a big deal to give this area the larger att's, It didn't really effect the overall rating but it
really effects the player. Their run and pass blocking were all went through as well as break
tackle and all other areas.
The O-Line was tough, how can you tell (other than the obvious great players) if a guy is 2 or 3
clicks better than another in each field. So for this we actually used this years madden ratings
and then decreased them by 10%, along with a very few tweaks of our own.
For the defense, the pass rush att we used a scale to keep it even, It went as follows, 13 and
up sacks gets 115 pass rush, 11-12 = 110, 9-10 = 105 all the way down to 0 sacks getting a
min of 75. All other ratings are pretty cut and dry. The line backers i used the same pass rush
scale but if the player did not have a sack they got 70 as a minimum. Coverage for the lb's had
a scale of 65-85.
The defensive back ratings that are key are their coverage, we used a 120 max to 80 min for
this on cornerbacks. FS and SS start around 70 maxing around 95. My tackling goes with my
settings as well as for all our players. The other ratings were all looked at, then debated and
then adjusted to the proper setting.
Kickers main att was giving them a ton of accuracy too many times a kicker was missing 3 or 4
attempts a game so we used a scale but set the min around 100 for their accuracy.


In the end a massive amount of work was put into these rosters all for the enjoyment of not
only ourselves, but in the end getting them out there to you guys to enjoy. I know there are
good rosters out there such as dan's, daflyboys and puja's but these rosters (not to say the
others aren't from former football players and video game lifer's) come from both side with a
common ground and that is making this game last until we want it to end. In my opinion there is
no other game even close to 2k5 and thats why we all dedicated about 4 months of our lives to
create in my opinion the best roster and settings around. I hope those of you that try this
enjoy, and those that do not that's fine too, as long as you keep on playing this great game no
matter what roster set you use.
Any questions you can email me a Feedback would be appreciated as
well. You can bet our new rosters will be out as soon as the draft is over, and we will also post
updates at the start of each month. We have not had any bugs or slow sim times as well.
The sim stats are very good. The Quarterback stats are a little high, but that's a must, so the
Quarterback's can play at a high level. Other than that we are very pleased with the sim
stat's.    In our season, we gamecast each game that we don't play. That way it makes the
outcomes even more realistic. We simulated three season's when we finished our rosters, and
the playoff scenarios came out almost identical to this years bracket. We had the Patriots in 2
Super Bowls, Colts in One. The NFC had GB in one and Dal in 2. The AFC won all three Super
bowls though. To us we were very pleased, we did gamecast all the games from each season.

Thanks for your time,