NFL All-Pro Football 2K10

The roster file:

- Rosters have all time great players for each franchise.
- Credit to WARPATHEB for the GOAT file which I used as a starting point.
- Approximately 20% new players added.
- All players re-rated, with integrity of overall player rating kept in tact.
- Player's overall rating based on stature within history of pro football.
- Majority of players given their unique abilities and attributes.
- Players put at positions played in real life, with a few exceptions.
- Depth charts rearranged based on new changes.
- Coaches and play calling tendencies added.
- Playbooks changed to match personnel.

The franchise mode file:

- Play through a season with all time great players.
- Schedule for initial season is balanced for each team.
- Coach's game plans created for each team.
- Set to user control for all 32 teams.