THIS IS PUJA's TEST FILE. It should not be misconstrued with his first release. This is meant to give players a look into what will be in the first
2008-9 release. He has not yet released an official 2008-9 file.

Originally Posted by puja21:

i'm actually going to post some test files here in this thread later tonight, just so people can see the new STM/AGG changes & the coverage
boosts & I can get feedback on how it plays compared to last season.
so here's some info on the file you'll see in a couple hours:

--PBP should be 100% accurate as should DOB
--faces for all rookies should be dead on (check obscure guys even as I compared real-life headshots to all the available in-game
possibilities... so you'll have Roy Williams WR face on Aquib Talib, or Phil Rivers on Matt Ryan etc)
--depth charts will be completely unrefined as it's in progress (i havent yet changed the POS for veterans, so Takeo Spikes still OLB,
Brooking ILB, Eugene Wilson not a CB, etc)
--about 100 players will be missing still... you will see all drafted rookies & about 75 extra who were in my draft class from last year.
^missing players: about a dozen rookies & 75 vets who didnt play in 2007 (Pacman Jones etc)
--transactions: pretty much all veterans who moved teams are taken care of as of Sept 13 (still a few guys to be cut/signed) One big one that
isnt up-to-date I know offhand is that I havent signed or boosted JT OSullivan yet

Again this is just to get some feeback on gameplay & I encourage you to check PBP, appearance, DOB either in-game or in the editor as this
should be virtually 100% accurate

AGG is now a legit rating for DL LB & safety: set based on % of team's defensive "plays ended" league wide (tackle, pass deflected INT FF
etc). I'll bring more of the details w/ the real posting in a few days. just throwing something up there for now

LDR & CMP for non-QB/P/K was initially baseline derived from experience; eg if there are two equal players, the older player will have better
LDR for the most part

LDR: 20 for all "troubled players" (eg Pacman, TO, Tank Johnson, Chris Henry Ahmad Brooks etc etc) 40 for most first time offenders eg 1
time substance abuse violation

you'll notice some bottom tier players (esp rookies) are very low rated, although none below 55 OVR... although many will rise, there are
some that will stay low for good reason & i'll explain that with the intial posting

PS Im not a big sliders tweaker but for what it's worth im using the sliders i had saved under "custom" in the 2007 franchises i posted w/ one
diff; CPU passing set to the max

EDIT: sorry, just fixed up a couple more things & reupped so ppl can DL & play a few teams quickly. the following teams have "passable"
depth charts for the time being although as I said, vets who changed pos are still out of position (so they are at the bottom of their old slot).
Guys like Spikes/Ulrich, the Bengals OL, etc. These are the ratings derived from last season's play so you'll still have 07 bench players who
are now starters rated ahead of guys now sitting; ex Parys Harlason made fewer plays last year but has now passed Banta-Cain on the DC.

So it's 49ers Bears Bengals Bills Falcons are unfinished but perfectly playable if you want to just DL & go



All 32 depth charts now set from
^so if you have questions any about why a guy is a FS vs SS, DT vs DE, etc this is why 99% of the time. Sometimes I'll switch it if a real-life
POS change was made due to injury. For instance, if a team moved a tackle inside to replace an injured guard, I'll usually leave him as a
tackle since there is no injury in the game's roster. Also, keep in mind that there are already over 150 players on IR/PUP/susp/commisioner's
exemption at this point of the season that have expanded the real-life rosters of all 32 teams well above the 53-man roster cap, so some
players who are in roster file may be in free agency rather than on their team b/c there are only 54 max allowed per roster in the game.
Basically, I had to take a liberty here or there & decide who to cut. With the exception of a missing kicker/punter for 3 or 4 teams.. these
rosters should be good for testing & should hopefully play well in exhibtion. Any gameplay feedback pos or neg is welcome at this point

All position changes have been made according to
^So, Takeo Spikes is an ILB, Eugene Wilson a CB, Quinton Ganther moved to FB, BAL G/C Chris Chester now a tight end, Stewart
Bradley/Gaither moved inside/outside respectively, Ryan Kalil & Chris Myers back to center, Corey Williams from 4-3 DT to a 3-4 DE, Raheem
Brock to DE, Ty Brayton back outside to DE, Michael Pittman to FB, Michael Griffin from CB back to natural pos of FS, DJ Williams back
outside where he belongs, etc etc...

At this point all ratings are still as follows: veterans are based on their 2007 metrics & no changes have yet been made to indicate offseason
decline. For example, no accounting yet for Brian Young dropping behind Kendrick Clancy on New Orleans' depth chart, Jon Jansen falling
behind Stephon Heyer on the Redskins' depth chart, or Willie Anderson being unable to surpass Adam Terry despite being a 2007 league
leader in adjusted avg line yards (meaning: despite Anderson being a good run blocker in 2007).

worth noting too: again, since all veterans are based on 2007 metrics, I also havent yet made any adjustments to those who made position
changes. So, cornerbacks now playing safety still have AGG 1 & CTH 2-5 instead of 10... basically, players still have the constraints of their
previous position. This could cause a player's overall rating to be very low or overly high at this point. For instance, Chris Chester still has his
center attributes despite being a tight end now in Baltimore. Vonnie Holliday has his DT ratings despite now being a 3-4 end for MIA (being a
DE boosts him significantly compared to a DT). For all SS moving to FS, their ratings have skyrocketed because the FS OVR-rating
calculation is one of the simplest in the game; basically if you are a terrible CB or terrible SS you'll still be a marginal FS... so, players like
Michael Huff & Laron Landry who played down in the box last season (at least until Taylor's death in the case of Landry) got huge boosts just
from the pos change to FS. Of course this will all be taken care of in the finished product, but I just thought I'd mention it as some ratings may
still look very odd.

2008 Rookies
At this early stage, rookie-ratings are all still based on the combination of pre-draft scouting sources & the players' draft positions.. this is
from back around draft time, before mini-camp battles were waged & long before the results of this first month in the season. This means that
attribute boosts have not yet been applied to the likes of:
Matt Forte being legit, Flynn outplaying Brohm, Chris Horton becoming a playmaker, Tim Hightower/Steve Slaton being factors in their
backfields, ditto for Eddie Royal/Donnie Avery, etc... ^This is why it's still beta

Free Agency / Retirement
I think I did a good job of weeding out the highest-rated unsigned players from free agency so far. You won't see the long-retired 80 to 90+
OVR rated guys like Jonathan Ogden, Mack Strong, Sean Taylor, Larry Allen, Michael Strahan, Warren Sapp, Daunte Culpepper, Ted
Washington, McNair in there that you often see peppered into new roster files. I have about 150 new players still to add to the file, so that
many more players will still be replaced in free agency (starting with long-snappers probably; all in F/A right now). Also, I'll need to lower any
remanining 75-80+ rated free agents obviously, but it's nice to see unsigned/unretired guys who recently had success like Ty Law, Rosie
Colvin, Hollis Thomas, LeCharles Bentley etc available to be signed in F/A without having outrageous ratings. I know of a few retired players I
still need to remove: Rod Smith, Jerametrius Butler, David Pollack, Quinn Pitcock... I'll probably be overwritting most unsigned F/A as the
season goes on & players continue to be signed off the street/practice squads to replace IR guys.
^Please let me know if you see any more retired players I missed & left in F/A besides those 4

All jersey #'s set according to That is a great site @ staying on top of these things... compare it to ESPN or CBS etc where
dozens of players still have a blank on the website where their jersey # should be listed. had only ONE player out of 1700+ without a
jersey #; Miami injured reserve TE Aaron Halterman. Many have missed the dozens of players who didn't switch teams this offseason, yet still
changed their jersey # (sometimes a # opens up or a new player wants someone else's jersey # like Asante Samuel taking Joselio Hanson's
#22); this list includes Julian Peterson (now #98 instead of #59), Alama-Francis, Manny Ramirez, Pete Kendall, Andre Frazier, Marcus
McCauley, Aundrae Allison, Baraka Atkins, Michael Bush, Justin Miller, D'Qwell Jackson, Jay Alford & many many others. These should all be
correct, so if I missed any let me know

Players not yet added to the file
These are the ~150 players I still need to add in to complete the file... Many of them are on IR & most are just deep reserves, but a few-- like
Antonio Bryant & Pacman Jones-- are significant. I'm sure there are a few players I missed &/or a few who were signed since I checked my file
up against the NFLs active lists; so please let me know of any I didn't catch here in this thread or by PM

Husain         Abdullah         SS
Kenderick         Allen         DT
Colin         Allred         OLB
Antwan         Applewhite         OLB
Patrick         Bailey         OLB
Dallas         Baker         WR
Matt         Baker         QB
Alan         Ball         CB
Dave         Ball         DE
Reggie         Ball         WR
Kirk         Barton         T
Brock         Berlin         QB
Davone         Bess         WR
Taye         Biddle         WR
Troy         Bienemann         TE
Mike         Brisiel         G
Justin         Britt         G
Antonio         Bryant         WR
Digger         Bujnoch         T
Tim         Bulman         DE
Michael         Bumpus         WR
Alex         Buzbee         DE
Dan         Carpenter         K
Ahmad         Carroll         CB
Jason         Carter         WR
Kyle         Clement         DE
Nic         Clemons         DT
Dan         Connolly         C
Damion         Cook         T
Kyle         Cook         C
Jon         Corto         OLB
Blake         Costanzo         OLB
Anthony         Cotrone         FB
Weston         Dacus         ILB
Buster         Davis         ILB
Brian         De La Puente         G
James         Dearth         TE
Lamar         Divens         DT
DeMichael         Dizer         CB
Damane         Duckett         T
Jacob         Ford         DE
Justin         Forsett         RB
John Paul         Foschi         TE
Dylan         Gandy         G
Justin         Geisinger         C
Martin         Gramatica         K
Brent         Grimes         CB
Gary         Guyton         ILB
Justin         Hamilton         FS
Marcus         Hamilton         CB
Geoff         Hangartner         G
Caleb         Hanie         QB
Cortez         Hankton         WR
Orien         Harris         DT
Brandon         Harrison         FS
David         Hawthorne         ILB
Kyries         Hebert         SS
Erin         Henderson         OLB
David         Herron         OLB
Reggie         Hodges         P
Theo         Horrocks         DT
Tory         Humphrey         TE
Wayne         Hunter         T
Scott         Jackson         G
T.J.         Jackson         DT
Curtis         Johnson         DE
Josh         Johnson         QB
Adam         Jones         CB
Mike         Jones         G
Kevin         Kasper         WR
Jimmy         Kennedy         DT
Brett         Kern         P
Scott         Kuhn         TE
Gerard         Lawson         CB
James         Lee         T
Maurice         Leggett         CB
Shemiah         LeGrande         DT
Rodney         Leisle         DT
Jonathan         Lewis         DT
Rhys         Lloyd         K
Brandon         London         WR
Elbert         Mack         CB
Wesly         Mallard         OLB
Ingle         Martin         QB
Pat         McCoy         T
Billy         McMullen         WR
Terrence         Melton         OLB
DaJuan         Morgan         SS
Tywain         Myles         DT
Ike         Ndukwe         T

People were asking about sliders... Although I'm not a huge sliders guy (i'm constantly tweaking, but not with too much science), I guess you
could call the second attachment "my sliders"-- since it's what I've been playing on lately. A few ppl stumbled on them in my franchise & said
they played well, but obviously that depends heavily on your play style.

If anyone wants to help, please just let me know if you come across any PBP, DOB, jersey # or years exp errors.. there really shouldnt be
much as I used a spreadsheet to compare it to the data of (not because it's especially accurate, but rather it's the only
site that had all DOB, years exp, & jersey # easily importable into excel in table format). Anyway, if everyone just glanced at there
favorite/hometown team, any errors that existed from CBSSportsline or still managed to slip past past me would probably jump off the page at
them... eg JohnTesch would probably immediately notice Redskins mistakes, Dan the 49ers, Bloc the Raiders, etc
^I havent yet done any "name-changes" (Chad Ocho Cinco, Juqua Parker, Dante Hughes) etc yet because I still need the names to match my
2007 roster to use the import tool a few more times.
Donte         Nicholson         SS
Rob         Ninkovich         OLB
Nick         Novak         K
Michael         Otto         T
Jordan         Palmer         QB
Logan         Payne         WR
Scott         Peters         C
Kenneth         Pettway         DE
Chase         Pittman         DE
Tyler         Polumbus         T
Maurice         Price         WR
Jason         Rader         TE
Brett         Ratliff         QB
Jamey         Richard         C
DelJuan         Robinson         DT
Gijon         Robinson         TE
Nate         Robinson         DT
Ramzee         Robinson         CB
Will         Robinson         T
Cory         Ross         RB
Pat         Ross         C
Bill         Sampy         WR
Steve         Sanders         WR
Josh         Savage         DE
Derek         Schouman         TE
Jordan         Senn         OLB
Edell         Shepherd         WR
Jamie         Silva         FS
Matt         Sinclair         OLB
Kenny         Smith         DT
Olaniyi         Sobomehin         FB
Brad         St. Louis         TE
Syndric         Steptoe         WR
Dan         Stevenson         G
Kelly         Talavou         DT
Chris         Taylor         RB
Donald         Thomas         G
Joshua         Thompson         DT
Matt         Toeaina         DT
Mike         Tolbert         FB
Robert         Turner         G
Elliot         Vallejo         T
Steve         Vallos         C
Ray         Ventrone         FS
Rian         Wallace         OLB
Danny         Ware         RB
Todd         Watkins         WR
Jimmy         Williams         CB
Mark         Wilson         T
Ulrich         Winkler         DT
Brian         Witherspoon         CB
Danny         Woodhead         RB
Donovan         Woods         OLB