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RELEASE NOTES:            Updated January 11, 2007

Done. Finally...

No bugs of any kind reported

Courtesy of FlyingFinn, the 07-08 Schedule is loaded & 100% accurate with no games moved & includes accurate flex schedule game
order & accurate kickoff times

--All 380 draft prospects are real NCAA players from the top rankings of & Scouts' Inc
--Prospects feature their speed attribute derived from an average of their campus 40-times (from Other phys atts
are based on a comparable player within the constraints of the roster
--Prospects all have each of the following accurate: college, height, weight, face/skin (determined from headshot), dreds, birthdate
when available on the web, jersey #. Dominant hand (or foot) is correct for all kickers & QBs w/ all other players set at right-handed
--Ratings are based primarily on the Scouts' Inc ranking w/ the OVR ratings. Some work still to do on scrubs but the top players at each
position matchup correctly in terms of desired OVR rating for ranking purposes (eg Darren McFadden/Glenn Dorsey/Chris Long are
the top prospects)

--Salary Cap is set at the actual 07-08 CBA figure of 109M
--This file now has over 1200 players who have real contracts (~65% of active players)
--Coincidently, the Redkins & Bills have all 53 players' contract updated to accurate
--The Redskins have the highest cap # just as in real life-- i actually had to renegotiate some deals from backloaded to ascending to
bring them down under 109, as they are over in real-life by a few mil
--2 teams coincidently have over 30M in space just as exactly two did in real-life
--Falcons have the most space (b/c they don't have the huge Vick cap hit in the game) at just over 70% spent towards to the cap
(31.88 cash under cap)
--ALL players in this file with 1-year contracts will be real-life free agents or restricted free agents this offseason
--215 players are in FA; all of whom i believe were active or signed for at least part of the 07-08 reg season

--Rosters/Depth charts are basically set to the "best possible" lineup rather than accurate as of a specific date
--This is because there is no inactive list in the game (just injured reserve) & teams can only carry a max of 54 players. In real-life as
players get injured/suspended etc, teams will deactivate, add & cut players regularly & in doing so they often exceed the 53-man max
by a lot. I don't think anyone wants to see Jeff Charleston on the Colts & Dwight Freeney in free agency.
--This means that all players are healthy & starting regardless of real-life injury status
^So, Sean Taylor is the starting FS for the Redskins & players like Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown & Rosie Colvin are all active &
starting, rather than on IR. Even Ricky Williams is a reserve RB on the Dolphins.
--Mid-season retirements like Mack Strong, Priest Holmes, & Kevin Everett are also active for this same reason Even David Pollack--
who may retire but was still on the Bengals' PUP & IR lists all season-- is on Cincinnati
--Because there is no "transactions date," this also means that Chris Chambers is a starting WR for the Chargers & not the Dolphins
(even though the file starts in wk 1 of the 07-08 season & Chambers was not traded until several weeks in)
--Same for Byron Leftwich as the starting QB for the Falcons & John Carney kicking for the Chiefs, although neither was signed by
those teams as of the season opening kickoff
--Kick returners & punt returners are set by who had the most returns in 07-08 unless the clear-cut top return man was injured... in
which case he will be set as the starting returner rather than the replacement player who got the most reps
^For example, BJ Sams went on injured reserve early in the season but he is the Ravens' return man, so he is starting at those slots
rather than Yamon Figurs/Cory Ross etc

Default team playbooks have been switched to more accurately reflect the team's current style of offense and/or shell defense
For example, the 49ers have the Chargers PB both because they now play a 3-4 & b/c their offense was designed by Norv Turner, who
created Schottenheimer's 2004-2005 offense used in the game's default roster by San Diego

--All editable coach info has been updated thru the beginning of the 07-08 season (career record, seasons w/ team, total seasons,
playoff record, superbowl info, etc) and is viewable in the Coach card menu
--Body-types have been swapped to more accurately match the coach appearances
--Pictures have been removed for anyone new since 04-05
--No coach ratings or tendency changes yet, however (still experimenting)
--Finn has kindly updated the coach names for the 07-08 season (as we can't do this ourselves yet)
--Finn also added new "blurbs" about each of the following coaches who are new to the game:
49ers, Mike Nolan
Billls, Dick Jauron
Rams, Scott Linehan
Texans, Gary Kubiak
Vikings, Brad Childress


--Every player new to the game since it's original release has their last name or full name spoken by announcers whenever possible
--There are ~900 new players since 2004; of those players, 440 will have their names spoken & 460 cannot be said by announcers
(guys like Ashton Youboty are obviously among the latter group, while USC's Steve Smith, Reggie "Bush," Vince "Young" etc etc would
be spoken)

--The Chargers' default jersey has been switched to the '63-65 version, which I believe is the one closest to their latest iteration. You
can easily switch it to the default or powder blue jersey, however, under their team options in Finn's editor (available here: link ). Edit:
evidently this tool isn't yet effective in franchise mode (it works in roster mode/exhibition games), so I guess you will still see the default
jersey in games.... although the old school helmet will appear in the schedule. If I had to bet, I would guess Finn solves this too based
on his track record of success.

A tabbed excel spreadsheet is attached as well which includes listings/info for each of the following:

--380 Draft class prospects
--Coach updates
--players w/ real contracts (FYI i lost a small portion of the list-- roughly 175 players-- so although there are only 1040 on this list...
really just over 1200 players have real contracts applied)
--players w/ game-generated contracts
--players w/ one-year deals
--free agent list

Thanks to anyone who helped & to anyone who was patient.This franchise has everyone healthy, the 07-08 schedule, the cap raised
to 109M & is freeze free, however, there is no real-life NCAA draft class yet, & 65 guys will show stats during the 2008 pre-season.