The one roster that probably needs no explanation, Puja21 has become the go-to
roster-maker in the 2k5 football community. This is his October 14th update of his
2007-2008 roster.

12/02/07 Roster Update

--Transactions updated thru this weekend

--Another 20+ players added to the file, signed to their teams w/ depth charts adjusted
(most of these are injury replacements). Among these are:

-Michael Adams CB ARZ (Eric Green IR)
-Conrad Bolston DT MIN (for susp Fred Evans)
-Zarnell Fitch DT BAL (Trevor Pryce IR)
-Dustin Fox CB BUF
-Gary Gibson DT CAR
-Gilbert Harris FB KC (Priest retirement)
-Kevin Huntley DE ATL
-Brian Kozlowski TE WAS
-Nick Roach LB CHI
-Mike Sinclair LB WAS
-Tank Daniels LB NYG
-Jason Trusnik LB NYJ
-Jyles Tucker LB SD (Wake Forest!)
-Marviel Underwood S GB (briefly)
-Kevin Vickerson DT
-Darius Walker RB HOU
-Greg Blue S DET
-Jon Dekker TE PIT
-Jamaica Rector WR ARZ
-Richard Angulo TE JAX
-Isaac Smolko TE JAX (Wrighster/Estandia IR)
-Corey Hilliard T IND
-Barry Stokes T DET (Jonathan Scott IR)
-Seth Wand T OAK (Cornell Green IR)

^their jersey #s are set from LocalSports as many times Yahoo,, Ourlads etc all
show a different value for the "53rd man's" jersey # until he's been on the team a week or
two. All info has been set for them like every other player (charted physical attributes, PBP,
college, skin/face, ht, wt, etc)

--IR players are still in free agency, & are set thru this weekend (e.g. Ricky, Rosy Colvin,
Adrian Wilson etc now included... Sean Taylor & Priest are there too)

--Additional midseason rating tweaks have been made (I was pretty happy with the
increased separation among QB ratings so that is still in from last posting, albeit more

--Thanks to Finn's dominance (as per usual), it appears the one tiny bug plaguing this file
has now been destroyed... there no more weird stats after the first offseason! Based on
my limited testing this file could now be used "as is" to start franchises up with no
bugs/freezing/etc (of course, it wouldnt have 100s of real contracts or real rookie
prospects... )