Great Teams Roster for Single Season

I have set all depth charts from memory (recent teams), rating, & from statistics of that
season. All punt return & kick returners are correct based on stats (I looked @ who took
majority of their punts/kicks for that historic team).

If it wasn't my historic team to start w/, I didnt edit/adjust the ratings at all. If you don't agree w/
ratings, fix them yourself. Please do not PM me or post in this thread with ratings suggestions
as I will not respond.

For most teams, the college & years exp for all players are incorrect due to the import
process. However, fo some reason they seem to be correct for BUF, HOU, IND, NE, NO, PHI, &
SEA. Ages are usually wrong too, but since it's single-season recommended only,
age/experience doesnt really matter.

I just picked these teams based on what my friends asked for & what i had on hand. It's not
supposed to be the "best team ever" for each franchise. If you want to switch the league up w/
some other teams (examples: DAL 77, HOU 62, ATL 91, CLE 86, PIT 2005, PHI 90 etc), this
can certainly be done in about 2 mins using Finn's editor but it's on you. I do not plan on
revisting this file w/ any changes for a good long time, so just like w/ ratings... please do not
request that I post a new version.

Thanks to capa for many of the teams in this file.

"Great job puja the roster is awesome. I relayed that Giants vs 49ers playoff game and had a
ball. Thanks agian for all the great work you do." - Comegetbeat
SF    49ers 1989
CHI   Bears 1985
CIN   Bengals 1988
BUF  Bills 1990
DEN  Broncos1998
CLE  Browns 1965
TB    Bucs 2002
ARI   Cardinals1975
SD    Chargers1980
KC    Chiefs 1969
IND   Colts 2006
DAL   Cowboys1992
MIA    Dolphins1972
PHI    Eagles 2004
ATL   Falcons 1998
NYG  Giants 1986
JAX   Jaguars 1999
NYJ   Jets 1968
DET  Lions 1991
GB    Packers1966
CAR  Panthers2003
NE     Patriots 2004
OAK   Raiders 1976
STL    Rams 1999
BAL    Ravens 2000
WAS   Redskins1982
NO      Saints 2006
SEA    Seahawks2005
PIT     Steelers1978
HOU Texans = HOU Oilers 1992
TEN   Titans 1999
MIN    Vikings 1973