I want to download a updated roster, its just before hand I wanna know did you give appropriate finesse balance and
power attributes to offensive players?

All I can say is its pretty much set to what my personal preferences are but all in all its set fair among them in what and
how they play you can always edit for your preference.

Ok listen up guys the file still has a few bad edits in it I've come across and in editing my own personal roster I'd suggest
you do the same for yours, as for those who can't or are not as use to editing I'll more then likely post another update to
correct and clear up some of those edits to straighten and balance the rosters out as for a time and date I'm not rushing
or promising anything just that I'll be posting one in a reasonable and timely fashion.

It started off with the file dolphin26 posted dated Oct15_Fran which was actually a roster file he work on based off of
Convinces work then I moved on adding, editing,deleting and basically reworking the entire file for my own preference and
I'm still upgrading and editing the file hopefully to post another.