Expansion Rules
Mission Y1
Rescue the Girl
Download the map
(print 75 x 75cm)
6-14-14 Update: Playtested some more and found stairs to be confusing, so I updated the rules to clarify them. With only two
actors on stairs at any given time, how do zombies get in there to attack? By pushing their way in. Explained in the rules.
6-15-14 Update: A small change to the Y1 scenario. After playing it 5 times and losing it every time, I made one very slight change
to the scenario. It is meant to be a small part of a campaign and shouldn't be that difficult.
6-24-14  Scenario Y2 is being created. The map is complete and being tested. It should be released soon. The complete "area"
map is laid out below.
Mission Y2
The Keys to Safetyl
6-30-14  Scenario Y2 is posted. You and your pitiful band of survivors rescued the girl locked in the engine room of the yacht, but
now you've got to wade through the remaining zombie horde, find the girl's insulin in the boathouse, get the keys to the boat and
get back to camp. The camp s sending reinforcements, but so are the zombies.
Mission Y3
The Outpost is Gone!
7-30-14 Update: I have uploaded scenario 3 in the campaign. It uses those survivors that made it through scenario 2. They have
arrived back at camp and found the zombies have overrun the place. The returning members must rescue those that remain and
blow the building, sealing in the rest of the zombie horde.
Mission Y4
Let's Go!
1-1-15 Update: Uploaded the Y4 scenario, Let's Go! This is the team rushing to get back to the yacht, clearing it of the undead,
and taking off to the open seas. Is it the end or is there a possibility of finding that small island they heard about?
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